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Some Breaking Made Amazing News Page in Bengal Dish

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A mason's hanging body was recovered from the fifth floor of a flat under construction in Baruipur.  Name Selim Sheikh (35). The incident took place in Chakraborty Para of Ward No. 6 on Thursday morning.  It is learned that the construction work of the flat had been going on for several years.  Twenty-five Murshidabad masons were doing this work on foot.  Selim Sheikh joined Kiri from Murshidabad 2 months ago.  He ate and drank with music at night.  Later this morning, his friends found his body hanging on the fifth floor of the flat. They said that he had been suffering from mental depression for several days and was undergoing treatment at the local mental health center.  Because of this he committed suicide.  Although the cause of death is unclear.  Baraipur police recovered the body and sent it for autopsy.

  Maheshnagar in Chapra heats up again due to TMC factionalism.  The bombing continued  For some time now, the group of MLA Rukbanu and the group of block president Jeb Sheikh have been clashing in Maheshnagar of Chapra.  On Thursday morning, allegations of theft of jute from the Sheikh group of Jeb were leveled against Rajiv Sheikh group, close to Rukbanur Rahman.

 A fisherman was killed in a tiger attack.  The deceased was identified as Babu Lal Raftan.  The house is in Kumirmari village, a coastal police station in the Sundarbans. This morning, two fishermen go to the Marichjhampi forest in the Sundarbans to catch crabs.  Babulal was attacked by a tiger there.  The tiger attacked the neck.  Another companion Kenaram Mandal rescued him.  The news has been given to the forest department.  The body has been sent for autopsy.

 Job seekers protest and deputation in Nadia's Krishnanagar

                                                                                                                                             Demonstrations and deputations of job seekers in Nadia Krishnanagar have not been found so far after passing the TET examination. Job seekers have also staged demonstrations at the Krishnanagar DI office and at the Barnaparichay Bhaban demanding their jobs.  Nadia Krishnanagar Krishnanagar Demonstration in front of the DI office West Bengal Primary TET DLAD Training Unity Mancha. Despite passing the school teacher recruitment test in front of the DI office, several young men and women protested against unemployment.  Even after passing the School Tate examination in 2015, they have completed the school training as promised by the Chief Minister but have not yet been recruited by the state government.  So they submitted a deputation to Krishnanagar DI office.  They claimed that the Hon'ble Chief Minister's Office and the Education Minister's Office had emailed them several times about their situation but no solution has been found yet.  They said multiple schools needed a lot of teachers but were not recruiting from the state government.  Their demand is to immediately appoint them as primary school teachers and further said that if they are not appointed by the government, they will start a big movement in the coming days.  Their demand is that they should be recruited as soon as possible, the job seekers said.

 A doctor was killed in an illicit affair.  The arrow of accusation is against the wife of the deceased.  The deceased was identified as Sujoy Haldar, 33.  The incident took place in Bishnupur area of ​​Chakda police station in Nadia.
 According to local sources, Sujoy Haldar was a doctor by profession.  There were chambers in Maharashtra.  Sujoy moved to Chakdar Bishnupur's Neulia house due to lockdown.  Even when he came home, Sujoy lived at his father-in-law's house in Bishnupur.  Sujoy was killed on his way home from his home on Wednesday night.  The doctor was killed with a razor in the throat.
 Vijay Haldar, grandfather of the deceased, said, "My brother lived in Maharashtra. My aunt Shikha Das Haldar did not live in our house. He lived in his father's house. Sujoy used to go to his father-in-law's house even though he came home on holiday.  He started calling. After getting the call from his daughter-in-law, he left for his father-in-law's house. At that time, someone killed Sujoy by stabbing him in the neck. "
 Vijay complained that Bauma Shikha was involved in an illegal affair.  With that, there was always family unrest between brother and daughter-in-law.  That's why my brother had to be killed.  A complaint will be lodged against Shikha at Chakda police station, said the deceased's grandfather.
 Accused Shikhar's father said, "The girl was married to Sujoy six years ago. She had no children. The son-in-law used to stay at our house when he came home. After eating and drinking on Wednesday night, Sujoy went to chat with friends.  The son-in-law Sujoy died on the way to Chakda Hospital.  However, the father-in-law does not know the reason for his son-in-law's murder.
 The incident has caused a stir in the area.  Chakda police have started investigation into the incident.

 Police arrested 2 miscreants who had gathered to rob a fish.  After receiving information from undercover sources, the police of Haroa police station arrested a miscreant in Brahmanchak area last night and arrested two miscreants.  A revolver loaded with bullets and an iron rod were recovered from the suspects.

 A rare species of bagrol was found in the chicken house of a man named Sumit Bera in Dwarik Nagar of Namkhana block, handed over to the forest department.
 A man named Sameer Bera from Dwarikanagar area of ​​Namkhana block has been cultivating different types of chickens with training in poultry farming and even received the state government Krishi Ratna award last year.  This person is trying to become self-sufficient by running a chicken farm at home.  When he went to feed the chickens in the morning, he saw a bugle catching the chickens and eating them. He started shouting.  Several people came running, many tried to kill him but Samir Babu managed to get Bagrol out of the animal by hanging him with a rope on his head. He was later taken out and tied with a coconut tree.

 Maheshnagar village of Hatishala number one gram panchayat of Chapra police station is again bombed due to sectarian clashes.  Almost every day there were bomb-like incidents in the Mahesh Nagar area on the Indo-Bangladesh border. Recently, the police recovered about 32 bombs from the area and defused them.  Huge police force with additional police super at the scene.  Sources said that in the morning, pro-MLA Rajiv Shekhar activists and supporters of the Trinamool Congress block president allegedly stole the jute. When they went to rescue the jute, Rajiv Shekhar's followers allegedly bombed them. After that, the other side started bombing.  The people of the area are terrified of the wives of the two parties.

BJP had a protest program in front of Baripur HD office tomorrow from 11 am to 4 pm, so a stage was set up in front of today's SDO office and the Baripur police came and opened the stage.  Gives.
 Today, BJP president of Baruipur East district Harikrishna Dutt said that the road in Baruipur will be blocked today in front of Baruipur SDO office.

 This time Nadia's lawyers took to the streets.  The court of Krishnanagar in Nadia was closed for five months due to corona.  As a result, they are in financial difficulties.  Lawyers staged a protest in front of Krishnanagar court demanding immediate reopening of the court.
 Lawyers claim, court closed for a long time.  The High Court and the Bar Council have been repeatedly asked to open the Krishnanagar court immediately.  But this is not the case.  Lawyers are in financial difficulties as the court is closed.  The general public is in trouble.  Nadia's lawyers demanded that the court be opened immediately.

 Villagers protest around an official accused of making ICDS school with low quality equipment.

 Rs 13 lakh was sanctioned for construction of an icds school at Tajpur in Egra No. 2 block of East Midnapore district.
  But the people of the village protested by blocking the Block 2 engineer for not working the way it was supposed to.

  The villagers complained that not all the money was being spent even though 13 lakh rupees was approved.

  Engineer Bharat Chandra Maiti was asked by R Plus but he did not want to say anything.
 Police are already talking to the agitated villagers after they arrived at the scene.
 The incident has caused a stir in the area.

 District Agriculture Marketing Department and Police Administration at Singur Ratanpur Alu Mor to look into the reasons for increase in potato prices.  A high-level meeting was held in Navanne on the 28th to control the price of potatoes.  It instructed to increase the price of potato to Rs. 25 / - in the retail market within a week.  But after a week, the officials came to see why the price of potatoes is not going down.  He visited various potato warehouses, cold storages and retail markets in the district including Singur, Haripal and Tarkeshwar and talked to buyers and sellers.  The Agriculture Marketing Department is worried that the price of potato will not be reduced even after the directive of the Chief Minister.  On Thursday afternoon, four officers of the Agriculture Marketing Department and the police administration visited various wholesale and retail markets in the district.  They look at the amount of potatoes coming out of the cold storage every day, where they are going, how much is being sold in the market, how much is the price.  Even today in Ratanpur wholesale potato sacks were sold at Rs. 1250 / - i.e. the price was Rs. 25 / - per kg.  If potatoes are exported to Kolkata at this price from the wholesale warehouse, then it is not possible for it to be less than Rs 30 per kg in the retail market.  The threat of Ratanpur Potato Traders Association is that if we monitor this trading business, the potato trade will be shut down in the coming days.  Besides, they claim that if the potatoes are sold from the cold storage at Rs. 800 / - per bag, then it is possible to export them to Kolkata and sell them at Rs. 25 / - per kg.
 B1- Prabir Biswas_Department of Agriculture Marketing Department.
 B2- Pralhad Mandal_Ratanpur Potato Traders Association Joint Secretary.

 Hooghly River Waterway Transport Cooperative Society in the face of a major financial crisis.  Pujo has more than 300 unpaid workers.  Due to which ferry service of multiple routes from Howrah to Kolkata is at the doorstep of virtually uncertain future.  Corona and Lockdown, the union's workers, claim that the danger will increase if the state government does not provide immediate financial assistance.  To break the stalemate, the workers of different ghats gathered and discussed at Howrah Ferry Ghat today.  In that discussion, it was decided that they would send a letter to the government again.
 Waterway workers further demanded that the railways be closed due to the ongoing lockdown to prevent corona transmission across the country.  About a million passengers commute daily to Howrah station, relying on this ferry service.  But as the local train at Howrah station was closed for five months, the association was struggling to launch with a handful of passengers.  Mainly due to the increase in the price of diesel and the small number of passengers traveling, the income has practically fallen.  Therefore, in order to meet the salaries of about 350 workers, the accumulated capital has also been lost.  But in the last couple of months, he went to pay his salary with money from that sector.  In this situation the workers are unpaid for one month.  There is also confusion about when you will get it.  Letters have been issued stating the situation from the Chief Minister to the Cooperative Minister everywhere.  But there is no assurance of help from any side yet.  As a result, the situation has worsened.
 It may be mentioned that the ferry service on multiple routes like Howrah-Babughat, Howrah-Bagbazar, Howrah-Fairley, Ramkrishnapur-Babughat, Metiaburuj-Nazirganj, Bajwaj-Bauria, Nurpur, Geokhali-Gariyara is practically uncertain.  Meanwhile, the Cooperatives Minister did not want to comment on the matter.

  Dr. Soumen Mohapatra, one of the ministers of the West Bengal government, returned home after winning the Corona War.
 When he returned home today, his supporters greeted him with flowers.

 He told the common people how he spent these days.

Police arrested a total of eight members of two Trinamool groups on charges of spreading terror in the Hasnabad Murarisha area with bullets and bombs.

 Hasanabad police have arrested a total of six members of two Trinamool groups on charges of terrorizing the area by vandalizing vehicles and houses between the two groups.  Today, the eight grassroots activists were taken to the Basirhat sub-divisional court for police custody.

A fishing boat in Shampur's Amberia caught fire as a result of being connected to an electric wire, an injured man named Paritosh Gainen was admitted to the nearby Kamalpur Primary Health Center,  9 people.

 Bhatpara hot on the heels of a bomb blast in front of Barukpur MP Arjun Singh's house.  After the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bhatpara became a battleground in a series of bombings for two and a half months.  The bombings became a daily occurrence.  But peace came back in the activities of Barakpur Commissionerate Police.  After several months of peace, Bhatpara has become hot with bomb blasts since the lockdown began.  On Thursday, a number of miscreants hurled several bombs in front of MP Arjun Singh's house.  After that the political pressure started with the bombing incident.  According to the people of the area, several youths suddenly entered the area with their faces covered and started throwing bombs.
 Arjun Singh points the finger of blame at the grassroots for this incident.
 Trinamool denies the allegations and says it is the work of miscreants.
 Bhatpara police have started searching for the miscreants in the midst of political turmoil over the bombing.

  Several dumpers got stuck on the beach while throwing boulders on the beach.

 The sea of ​​Digha in East Medinipur district has been getting heavy rains and rough sea for several days.

   Heavy rains along the coast cause a lot of damage.

  Finally, the administration took various measures to protect the administration from damage.

  Attempts were made by the administration to cover the damage with boulders in the damaged areas.

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