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Debate over Soumitra's list is within the BJP

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BJP MP Soumitra Khan pushed hard to elect the district youth president.  A day earlier, BJP youth front state president Soumitra Khan announced the names of district youth presidents.  It is a great danger not to spend 24 hours.  To cancel is the complete list.  The heated debate over Soumitra's list is within the BJP.

 There is disagreement within the party with the presidents of the BJP's district youth front formed by Soumitra Khan.  With this list, the state BJP has accused the state president of the Youth Front of nepotism.  That is why the president of the State Youth Front fell into a terrible predicament as soon as he started batting for the new team.

 The situation reached such a point that Soumitra Khan was forced to cancel the names of the district presidents of his announced youth front.  Soumitra Khan fell on the backfoot in his first innings in the BJP, canceling the entire list.

 According to BJP sources, the list compiled by Soumitra Khan had changed the names of the presidents of the Youth Front in 15 districts.  The BJP had a strong objection to that.  The state BJP heavyweights had to scrap it.  Allegedly, Soumitra Khan has taken care of his relatives.  In other words, it is alleged that Soumitra has given priority to his own people.

 The state leadership of BJP could not accept this decision of Soumitra.  Many took to the streets against Soumitra's decision.  It was alleged that Soumitra had taken a unilateral decision.  And then Soumitra retreated and decided to withdraw the list.

 Soumitra Khan claimed that he had published the list after informing the state president.  He knows this list is final.  Soumitra Saf said that he did not know anything else.  As a result, his disagreement with the state BJP has come to the fore.

 BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said the youth state committee has not been formed yet.  In other words, there is no question that the name of the youth president is correct.  Who decided their names.  BJP central leader Rahul Sinha said there was a problem with the list, so a new one would be released.

 In the current situation, nine new youth presidents are in dire straits.  They have already been hailed as youth district presidents.  That list was canceled at the start of work.  As a result, a heated debate has been created in the BJP.  Soumitra Khan himself is in question.

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