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Central Intelligence Agency has been on high alert

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On Friday, August 29, it was first reported in the media that Chhatradhar Mahato had a meeting with several people accused of sabotage during the Maoist activities.  Jungle Mahal became the first to be disturbed by Chhatradhar's hand.  Allegedly, the Maoists started the operation in Jangalmahal with the public committee in front.  This Chhatradhar was the leader of the public committee.  He is accused of being involved in various criminal activities.  The Mamata government had imprisoned him on charges of being involved in anti-national activities.  He was suddenly released from jail this year.  Then there was the biggest surprise.  Chhatradhar was declared the TMC leader.  He is currently one of the Trinamool state secretaries.

 After the Trinamool Congress was upset in the jungle in the Lok Sabha polls, they are now looking for a way out.  Chhatradhar is believed to have been included in the ruling party as part of that process.  That discussion is now gaining momentum with Chhatradhar being involved in Maoist activities and meeting with leaders accused in multiple cases.  According to a report published in Anandabazar on Friday, Chhatradhar held the meeting last Monday.  The meeting was held at Lalagar.  The meeting was called at Banpukuria High School in Sijua area of ​​the area.  The meeting was attended by one-time Maoist leaders like Raju Hasda, Karan Hembrum and Sukhshanti Bask.  Against whom there are allegations of involvement in multiple crimes.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been on high alert since the news broke.

 Regarding Monday's meeting, Chhatradhar said everyone present at the meeting was loyal to him.  This meeting was apolitical.  According to Chhatradhar, his goal is to strengthen the grassroots in Jangalmahal.  This meeting has been held for that purpose.  Will be in the coming days.  As soon as this news came to light on Friday, Delhi sat motionless.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) called on Friday.  Even today he has been summoned and interrogated.  Some in the political circles think that the activities of Chhatradhar may create an atmosphere of unrest in the jungle. Many people are questioning him for four hours today in the Cobra camp of Shalbani.  Chhatradhar's name has been involved in multiple sabotage operations since the hijacking of the Rajdhani Express.

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