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Trailer release of the horror film 'Ghost' based on the true incident

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Ghost Trailer Release: Horror films have their own status in Bollywood. Notably, Bollywood's famous director and producer Vikram Bhatt has entertained and entertained people with his terrifying horror films from 'Raj' series to '1920'. Recently, the trailer of his upbeat film 'Ghost' has also been released. Seeing the 'Ghost' trailer, the ground can slide under anyone's feet. The trailer of 'Ghost' is proof that Bhatt's magic can take the audience to a different world, where everything is feared.

Vikram Bhatt himself has also told many things about his film. According to Vikram Bhatt, the film is based on a true incident. 'Ghost' is the story of Karan Khanna, who is accused of killing his wife. But right there, Karan Khanna believes that his wife has been murdered by some soul. The film has such a terrible story of a devil that will fill the audience with fear.

Talking about 'Ghost', Vikram Bhatt said, "Ghost" is one of the horror films I have worked on. The film's superb editing and agile scripts force the audience to stick to their seats. Today, the trailer has been released and we are confident that we will be able to fulfill the expectations of the people. Let us tell you that the idea of ​​making this film came to Vikram Bhatt's mind when he readed an article, how a British court allowed the trial of a spirit in a case.

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